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Be it work-life balance, bad job fit or burnout and stress, the fact is the medical recruitment system is broken.

Dominated by agencies and third-party recruiters who inhibit direct interaction with employers and conceal job details, we’re here to break the cycle and give the control back to the physicians.

Our goal is to bring transparency and accountability into the medical recruitment industry to help physicians make better career decisions and reduce burnout and turnover.

Part-time, full-time or a side gig, we are here to help you find a job that will allow you to best apply your skill set while enjoying the personal life you desire.

Verified Job Posts

Remember the times you applied for jobs, only to be frustrated that many were not active or updated? At Stat Careers, we verify and update every job post on our platform, which means you’ll never waste time applying for an outdated job.

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Verified Job Posts

Complete Transparency

We disclose contract stipulations for every job upfront. Never again will you waste time blindly pursuing an incompatible job. So when you decide to make your next move, you know exactly what you’re getting paid for

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Our Software does the hard work for you

Our algorithms match you to jobs that meet your preferences and best align with your skill sets. Save your valuable time as a busy medical professional.

  • Matching Algorithm

    Our Stat Score Algorithm uses 25 data points to match you with the best possible job

  • Job Hunt Process

    Manage the whole job hunting process right from our dashboard

  • Filters

    Filter job matches based on your goals including salary, contract structure, length of employment and more

remote, hybrid, part-time or full-time

Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a change in scenery, or exploring less traditional routes we have you covered

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No third party recruitment. ever

We have a strict no third-party recruitment policy. We believe that the relationship between physicians and employers should not be dictated by those who could absorb benefits or carry conflicts of interest. All of our jobs are posted directly by employers.

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Dr. Rockford J. Adkins and Dr. Kasie Adkins
Built for Physician, By Physicians

STAT Careers was founded by Dr. Rockford J. Adkins, an interventional radiologist, and Dr. Kasie Adkins, a practicing dermatologist/MOHs surgeon.

We have experienced this process many times over;  juggling accounts and alerts on antiquated job boards in an attempt to seek our best career options.

Like you, we have spent days preparing, traveling, interviewing, and hoping expectations match up only to find that they often did not. 

We grew tired of seeing family, friends, and colleagues taken advantage of by this same broken system.

And that’s how Stat Careers was born. To give power back to physicians and help them live more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Rockford J. Adkins and Dr. Kasie Adkins

Dr. Rockford J. Adkins

Co-Founder and CEO - Stat Careers
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