Hire and Retain top physician talent

Recruitment Platform for In-House Recruiters

  • Hire Over 200 Medical Sub-Specialties
  • AI Based Candidate Screening
  • Eliminate Third Party Recruiters and Agencies
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Use AI to Identify Quality Candidates

Suite of tools developed by medical professionals & hiring managers

  • STAT Score analyzes over 50 data points to determine best fit
  • Industry first Skills Mapping in the complex field of medicine
  • Personality Testing highlights compatibility (*coming soon)
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Manage the Entire Hiring Process from a Single Platform

Platform tracks each stage of recruitment; from discovery to hire

  • Applicant Tracking System built for medicine
  • Build and compare candidate pools with advanced sourcing tools  
  • Streamline the process with real time messaging, document portal and more
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How We Help You Recruit and Retain The Top Talent

We identify specific matches who are more likely to be satisfied in your positions and to become long-term, high performing employees


30+ years of first experience in medicine with top tech to offer the most advanced suite of tools. 

For the first time, hiring managers can identify quality matches based on job fit, skills mapping and personalities.

Speed of hiring

Vacancies can contribute up to 75% decrease in revenue.  Our platform helps to fill positions quicker with solutions such as integrated real time messaging, secure document portal, and by dealing directly with future candidates in our database.

reduced cost of hiring

Reduce costs of replacement by eliminating third party recruitment and the cost of multiple platforms.

Run your entire recruitment efforts from StatCareers!

No Third Party Recruitment

  • Designed specifically for in-house recruiters
  • Deal directly with our qualified candidates pre-matched for you
  • Transparent process promotes staff retention and job satisfaction
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Solution For Every Healthcare Employer

No matter how big or small, we can help empower your recruitment efforts from within

Private practice

Private Practice

Whether you are a small outpatient clinic or private practice group, our platform can help level the playing field and attract top talent on a budget

How we can help you
Community Hospital System

Community Hospital Systems

Hire and track progress for multiple sites and departments with ease. Monitor the hiring health of your organization on our dashboards

How we can help you
Academic Heath Organization

Academic Health Organization

We offer a complete enterprise solution with seats for hiring managers, team leaders, and administration across your entire organization

How we can help you
Dr. Rockford J. Adkins and Dr. Kasie Adkins
Built for Physicians, By Physicians.

STAT Careers was founded by Dr. Rockford J. Adkins, an interventional radiologist, and Dr. Kasie Adkins, a practicing dermatologist/MOHs surgeon.

We have experienced this process many times over;  juggling accounts and alerts on antiquated job boards in an attempt to seek our best career options.

Like you, we have spent days preparing, traveling, interviewing, and hoping expectations match up only to find that they often did not. 

We grew tired of seeing family, friends, and colleagues taken advantage of by this same broken system.

And that’s how STAT Careers was born... To give power back to physicians and help them live more fullfilling lives.

Dr. Rockford J. Adkins and Dr. Kasie Adkins

Drs. Kasie and Rockford Adkins

Co-Founders - STAT Careers
It All Starts With a Search
You too can join our movement to help decrease turnover and burnout from a preventative approach;  by hiring smarter and more transparently with STAT Careers.
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